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IRMinvest is a private Asset Management and Facility Management group focused on small and medium-sized companies, not listed, either through shareholdings, capital increases or with working capital.



In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable

Our investments and operations are mainly in the Media and Infrastructure industry, although we also have presence in different sectors, such as energy, Real Estate or Agriculture & Livestock.

Entertainment & Media

This is our main investing market, with 4 companies and many projects launched 100% by IRMinvest International.

Digital Projects

Digital platforms and Apps, business solutions, ERPs, CRMs and cognitive solutions are some of our digital investments.


Industries like energy, Real Estate or Agriculture & Livestock also takes important roles in our investment portfolio.


Are you a #Startup?

If you're an entrepreneur and you're planning to build a startup with an interesting and financially potential project, or you already have built one, we can help you by offering you a private briefing where you will be able to share with our investors your ideas and projects to be funded.

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